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How do I use my discount code?

Sometimes we offer coupons for marketing purposes.

To use them, simply click on “Do you have a discount code?" when paying for your rental. Enter your code and click Apply. The amount of your rental will be automatically recalculated.

Please note:

  • You can use only one code per rental.

  • You will always have to pay £1 for your rental for insurance purposes, even if your voucher value is above the rental amount.

  • A coupon can only be used in the country where it was given to you.

NB: If your voucher value is more than the cost of the rental, you can use your voucher but the remaining value will be lost.

For instance, if you have a voucher for £50 and you want to book a rental for £37. You will use £36 from the voucher, pay £1 and the remaining voucher balance of £13 will be lost.

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