Paying with a coupon or rental credit

Article updated on 19/07/2022

Discount Codes

Sometimes we offer coupons for marketing purposes.

To use them, simply click on “Do you have a discount code?" when paying for your rental. Enter your code and click Apply. The amount of your rental will be automatically recalculated.

Please note:

  • You can use only one code per rental.

  • You will always have to pay £1 for your rental for insurance purposes, even if your voucher value is above the rental amount.

  • A coupon can only be used in the country where it was given to you.

NB: If your voucher value is more than the cost of the rental, you can use your voucher but the remaining value will be lost.

For instance, if you have a voucher for £50 and you want to book a rental for £37. You will use £36 from the voucher, pay £1 and the remaining voucher balance of £13 will be lost.

Getaround Credit

You can build up credit on Getaround, in particular through the referral programme.

This credit can be used when making a booking, either when you pay for the rental or when you select your excess reduction option. However, you can't use your credit to pay for an excess reduction option once you have made the booking.

Credit can be valid from a few days to a year depending on the reason of obtention. As an example, referral credits last for a year.

How it works:

  • You are free to decide whether or not to use your credit during the payment.
  • If you choose to use your credit, we will deduct the maximum credit available to reduce the rental cost to be paid.
  • If the rental cost is less than the amount you have in credit, your remaining credit will be kept for a future rental.
  • You will always have to pay at least £1 using your payment method, regardless of how much credit you have available.

For example:

You have £40 credit and want to book a rental costing £30:

  • You only pay £1 with your payment method.
  • £29 of your credit is used for the remainder of the payment.
  • You still have £11 credit left to use for a future rental.

NB: credit in £ can only be spent on rentals with the same currency, ie in the UK. Likewise, credit in € cannot be spent on rentals paid in £.

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