Cleanliness Rules

You must return the vehicle in the same condition as you received it at check-in.

If you make normal use of the vehicle, you don’t have to clean it. However, we do recommend giving it a quick clean, as this is important to owners and they take it into account in their reviews.

If the vehicle is very dirty outside (mud, dirt on the body due to travelling on an unpaved road, etc.) or inside (big streaks of mud on the mats, sand, crumbs, etc.), you should clean it.

If the vehicle is unreasonably dirty when you return it, you will have to pay the owner a fee for cleaning the interior and for washing the exterior. These fees are as follows:

  • Interior: £45
  • Exterior: £45
  • Smoke: £30

If the vehicle requires cleaning by a professional (marks on the seats, very dirty inside, etc.), you will have to pay the cleaning costs.

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