Close your eyes and picture your ideal city.

Go on, we'll wait.

How many parked cars did you see?

The reality is, our cities are jammed with cars that aren't being used.

In fact:

There are over 291 million vehicles in Europe. That's more than 3 cars for every cat!

Most of those cars remain parked 93% of the time.

This congestion costs the European economy £90 billion every year.

But what if we owned fewer cars

and started sharing them instead?

Car sharing makes cities less congested, less polluted, and more liveable.

In a word: better.

Here's how:

1 shared car replaces 10 private cars and frees up to 9 parking spots.

Car sharers drive 40% less and have greener mobility habits.

Car sharing supports the local economy by enabling car owners to become entrepreneurs.

In cities, sharing just makes sense.

That goes for other mobility options, too.

Let's drive our cities towards a future that's shared.