Getaround Europe reaches 1 million connected rentals
A historic milestone in the democratisation of carsharing

Getaround Europe reaches 1 million connected rentals

Paris, April 21st 2021:

We’re excited to announce that Getaround has reached one million connected rentals in Europe, showing historic step in the democratisation and ubiquity of carsharing.

The Getaround Connect technology, introduced in 2015 and previously called Drivy Open, allows users to locate, book and unlock a car using their smartphone, without any contact needed between the owner and driver, for a seamless rental experience. The steady increase in Getaround Connect usage in major cities demonstrates the rising demand from residents in metropolitan areas for this 100% connected solution, which facilitates renting a car nearby instantly, whether for a few hours or several days, and accessing it 24/7 by unlocking the car with the app.

This technology is now the core of Getaround's value proposition and has proven to be particularly relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, with a large portion of the population becoming reluctant to use public transportation, taxi and ride-hailing services, and carpooling due to health and safety concerns.

Exceeding one million Getaround Connect rentals on our platform represents an important milestone in our mission to liberate cities from under-used parked cars,” says Simon Baldeyrou, Head of Getaround Europe and President of Getaround SAS. “More and more users are attracted by the convenience and flexibility of our service for both long and short trips. We are happy to see that carsharing is now considered a real, viable alternative to not only other means of transportation, but also to owning a private car.”

About Getaround

Founded in 2009, Getaround is the world's leading carsharing platform with fleets of shared and connected cars available in 800 cities across 8 countries. People use Getaround to find a car nearby, which they can unlock with their phone, and drive to wherever they want for a few hours or days.

In 2019, after 10 years of growth in the US, Getaround acquired Drivy - Europe's leading carsharing platform - as well as Nabobil, its counterpart in the Nordic countries, to create a global mobility leader.

Getaround connects safe, convenient, and affordable cars with people who need them to live and work. We aim to create the world’s best carsharing marketplace with proprietary technology and data that make sharing vehicles superior to owning them.

The Getaround community includes owners - private and professional, including those who operate their own carsharing businesses - who share their cars on the platform, and drivers who rely on the cars provided for their on-demand mobility needs.

Our vision is to make our cities and communities better places to live by:

  • Empowering people with convenient access to the cars they need, whenever they need them.
  • Improving mobility by relieving congestion and making public transit easier to use.
  • Protecting our environment by reducing pollution and advancing sustainable energy.

We support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. For more information, visit or download our iPhone and Android app.

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