Drivy celebrates its 5th birthday and goes beyond one million car rental days

Drivy, the leading peer-to-peer car rental company in Europe, celebrates its 5th birthday and reached the milestone of one million car rental days achieved on its marketplace.

Drivy, a French Success story

From Paulin Dementhon’s idea to the 60 employees company based in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona, Drivy experienced strong growth. In 5 years, the startup concluded 3 fundraisings, acquired 3 of its competitors (including the No.1 in Germany Autonetzer) and deployed its service in France, Germany and Spain.

In parallel, the company continues to innovate by offering its users a fully mobile experience, from booking to check-in and check-out, through a dematerialized rental contract on smartphone. Last month, Drivy launched Drivy Open, a technology which allows to open the car doors with a smartphone.

“We want to make self-service car rental much more efficient than the use of one’s own car. We have made a major step in this direction with the launch of Drivy Open, and we will pursue our 100% mobile experience strategy. What drives us is the colossal size of the market, the positive impact on our customers’ lives and our contribution to make the cities more enjoyable” says Paulin Dementhon, Founder and CEO of Drivy.