Drivy, Europe’s largest car rental marketplace, reaches one million users and launches in Austria and Belgium

Drivy, Europe’s largest car rental marketplace, has reached one million users and continues its international expansion by launching its service in Belgium and Austria, two months after raising €31M.

Drivy makes it quick and easy for drivers to rent a car when they need one from nearby car owners. Thanks to a network of 38,000 cars in Europe and a full mobile experience, the service offers the freedom and flexibility of using a car, without the hassle of ownership.

Created in France in 2010, Drivy started to expand internationally in 2014: Germany was its first foreign market, followed by Spain in 2015. Drivy has since become the leader on the German market and experienced a rapid growth in Spain, with 2,000 active cars in less than one year.

In April 2016, the startup raised €31M in order to accelerate its international expansion and expand in at least 3 new markets by the end of 2016. Two months after, Drivy launched its service in 2 new countries, Austria and Belgium.

The activity took off very quickly in Austria, where Drivy started to operate on June 13th: 300 cars were registered in one week only and dozens of rentals were already completed. Drivy is launching its service today in Belgium, with already more than 250 cars registered on the platform in one week, during the private beta phase. “Since our launch in France 5 years ago, Belgium is the country from which we received more requests from entrepreneurs and potential customers to launch our service there. It shows how Belgians are interested in our collaborative model and we are happy to finally meet demand”, says Paulin Dementhon, Founder of Drivy.

Five years after its creation, the company now operates in five countries: France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Belgium. Another opening is planned by the end of 2016.

At the same time, Drivy has reached 1 million users in Europe. Most of them are located in Drivy’s home market France, with 880,000 users. But the community is also growing fast in Germany with 110,000 users, and in Spain with 16,000 users. So far, 1,5 million days of rental were completed on the marketplace and the startup has a year-on-year growth of over 100%. The company employs 70 people in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona and plans to have 100 employees at the end of the year.

“Beyond the 1 million customers symbolic milestone, what matters to us is that user growth is accelerating, and that new markets we are starting respond very well. Drivy is built for smart urban people who consider car ownership a useless hassle, and we’re striving to make Drivy better than driving your own car - with proximity, choice and savings as key advantages. Drivy is among the very few apps shaping the on-demand future of cars, and we believe we can reach 10 million customers in 2 years” says Paulin Dementhon, Founder of Drivy.