Drivy and the AA Join Forces Through Exclusive Global Partnership

Drivy, the leading car-share marketplace in Europe, and the AA, the UK’s leading roadside assistance provider today announce their new partnership providing insurance to Drivy’s users of car sharing services.

The agreement forms the UK part of a larger partnership with the AA’s collaborative partners, ARC Europe Group. The partnership with the AA will provide best in class, reliable roadside assistance services to drivers hiring cars through Drivy in the UK. ARC Europe Group is also providing roadside assistance to Drivy’s car drivers across the six countries where Drivy operates (France, Germany, UK, Spain, Belgium and Austria).

“Signing the AA as one of our key strategic partners is great news for Drivy. We see tremendous opportunity for car sharing in the UK and with The AA’s renowned roadside expertise in place, British consumers can trust they’ll be in good hands.”, says Paulin Dementhon, Founder and CEO of Drivy. “Our partnership with the AA will both support Drivy’s entrance into the UK, as well as play a vital role in protecting and keeping our road users safe.”

The partnership is expected to support the AA’s commitment to support ARC Europe Group’s long-term vision to become a recognisable leader in the B2B automotive services industry.

“The automotive industry has undergone tremendous change in the last few years, and Drivy is one of the key players driving this change in Europe”, says Stefano Sarti, the CEO of ARC Europe Group. “Its car sharing service signals the shift from car ownership to sharing on demand, which will undoubtedly affect car assistance and maintenance services. Leading roadside assistance market, it is our duty to accompany this change and create comprehensive, reliable services that suit the specific needs of today’s road users”.

Today, ARC Europe Group is leading the vehicle roadside assistance market in Europe with a 41 % share. Supported by its shareholders leading clubs ADAC (Germany), The AA (UK), ACTA (France), ANWB (Netherlands), OEAMTC (Austria), ACI (Italy), RACE (Spain), TCB (Belgium) and TCS (Switzerland), ARC Europe Group accompanies prestigious OEMs worldwide, and now Drivy.