Allianz partners with Drivy to provide car sharing insurance

Allianz Insurance has partnered with Drivy (UK) to provide insurance for users of their car sharing platform.

The partnership between Allianz and Drivy ensures car owners and hirers are insured for the length of the rental period.

This will be part of an extension of the wider partnership, in six European countries, between the Allianz Group and Drivy Limited. The fully comprehensive insurance cover* provided by Allianz for the duration of the rental includes cover to drive throughout the European Union and so gives protection of the owner’s existing insurance and no claims discount.

Jonathan Dye, head of motor insurance, Allianz Insurance, commented: “Innovative insurance solutions are needed to support the growth of the sharing economy and tailoring insurance cover is one way we can do this. Attitudes to mobility are rapidly changing and it’s important that Allianz provides customers with options whether they own or rent vehicles.”

Paulin Dementhon, CEO, Drivy added: “Working with Allianz, allows us to cement trust with our users as we roll out our car sharing service across the UK. Insurance is a key consideration for everyone - whether they are a car owner or driver on the road. So through Allianz we can ensure everyone is safely protected, however a car fits into today’s lifestyles.”

*Full terms and conditions of the insurance cover can be found on the Drivy ‘Insurance and roadside assistance’ webpages.