Drivy Open starts in Berlin

The Drivy Open technology allows users to open cars with their smartphones, enabling self-service rentals.

Drivy, the leading peer-to-peer car rental marketplace in Europe, launches Drivy Open in Berlin today, four months after the launch in Paris.

A secure technology powered by Drivy and tested on 2,000 rentals in Paris

Drivy has developed a secure technology, which locates the vehicle and enables it to communicate with smartphones. After booking a car on the website or the application, the renter is able to unlock the door of the car with his smartphone during the scheduled timeframe. He will then be guided through the check-in process step-by-step on his smartphone: carrying out the walkaround inspection and receiving all necessary information for his rental. Once inside the vehicle, he has access to the car key and can use it as he normally would. The car owner can offer remote rentals without having to be on-site.

To make this service available, a hardware kit is installed in the vehicles by a technician trained and selected by Drivy. Today, 30 cars are equipped in Berlin. In Paris, 200 cars are equipped and 2,000 rentals have been done with Drivy Open, tested for more than one year in the French capital.

A technology enabling more flexible and convenient rentals

With this technology, Drivy offers more flexibility to the drivers: It is no longer necessary to schedule an appointment with the owner at a fixed time and the rental procedures are done in five minutes with a smartphone. Drivers are no longer dependent on the car owners when organising their trips.

Drivy Open allows car owners to earn more money by renting out their vehicles when they are not available for a handover. Owners are able to accept more rentals, as they are not required to physically be present at any stage of the rental; on average, they have 30% more rentals, with an occupancy rate reaching 80% for some vehicles. Owners always decide whether to accept or refuse requests and they continue to communicate with their renters before and during the rentals by message or phone, even if they do not meet face-to-face.

The Drivy Open technology is completely secure. An ignition immobilizer protects the vehicle from theft; without a valid booking or access from the owner, the car cannot start, even with the keys. In case of an emergency, Drivy is able to locate the car. In addition, the profiles of renters are checked by trained professionals within the Drivy Open team. Regardless whether cars are booked through Drivy Open or the classic Drivy process, Drivy’s insurance via the Allianz automatically replaces the car owner’s insurance for the duration of the rental.

A good start for Drivy Open in Berlin

In just two weeks, Drivy has equipped 30 cars with the technology in Berlin and aims to have 50 cars equipped by the end of March. First reactions of car owners are very positive. "We are creating a fusion between technology-based carsharing and classic car rentals. The system is more flexible for both drivers and car owners. This is a huge step for Drivy in Berlin, which is evolving into an increasingly convenient service for everyday life," explains Heiko Barnerßoi, the Country Manager of Drivy of Germany.

Along with the mobile contract launched one year ago, Drivy Open is exemplary of Drivy’s ongoing strategy: to constantly improve its applications, in order to reduce friction and to provide users with the best experience possible. “Since the beginning of Drivy five years ago, I’ve always had this obsession: be able to open a car thanks to our mobile app. After two years of R&D, it has become possible. Renting a car will become more convenient than owning one,” comments Paulin Dementhon, Founder and CEO of Drivy.

The service Drivy Open is currently available in Paris and Berlin and will be deployed in several major European cities in the coming months.