New logo and visual identity for Drivy, the leading car rental marketplace in Europe

Drivy, the leading car rental marketplace in Europe, unveils its new visual identity and logo on its website and mobile apps.

Drivy allows its users to rent people’s cars everywhere whenever they need one, including a comprehensive insurance coverage to ensure safe rentals. Created in 2010 in France, Drivy also operates in Germany and Spain with a total of 36,000 cars to rent and 800,000 users.

Designed by the London-based agency DesignStudio, Drivy’s new visual identity is energetic, dynamic and future-facing. Using a combination of colours to ensure the brand is fresh and alive to the world it lives in. The new design conveys movement and instantaneity.

This new visual identity better reflects the service provided by Drivy today: it is more and more convenient, reliable and instant, with thousands of cars ready for rental within walking distance of home.

Indeed, with 36,000 cars to rent in Europe, Drivy is a convenient way of finding a car to go away for a weekend, on a business trip or to organise a move. Users can enjoy a full mobile experience, from booking to check-in and check-out. The startup has recently taken this a step further yet by launching the Drivy Open technology, which enables renters to open cars with their smartphones and carry out self-service rentals.

A new brand identity to support Drivy’s development and international growth

Represented by its small pink car over the last three years, Drivy looks ahead to the future with this new brand identity in line with its ambition: make car rental much more efficient than personal car ownership. It will also support the rapid growth of the startup, which plans to launch its service in several European countries in 2016.

“On our way to a much stronger European presence, we wanted to take a step back and reflect on who we are and want to become. We are not limited to the occasional good deal for sharing economy early adopters. We’re on a mission to make the world move faster, with a reliable and frictionless service available at every street corner,” explains Paulin Dementhon, Founder and CEO of Drivy.

A close collaboration between Drivy and DesignStudio

Drivy worked closely with DesignStudio during the whole creation process. It started in December 2015 with an immersion phase at Drivy’s office, including workshops with the team, meetings with users and tests of the service. This first step helped DesignStudio and Drivy build the brand positioning before starting to work on the design phase.

“By developing a robust brand proposition we accelerate both brand and business ambition. Based on this foundation we have built a brand that is relevant, dynamic, connected. The simplicity of the logo conveying confidence. The richness and movement in the texture and shapes relentlessly dynamic. This is a brand that will define the future. Sign-up and go!” explains James Hurst, Executive Strategic Creative Director, DesignStudio.