Drivy, Europe’s largest car rental marketplace accelerates the integration of professional users

In 2014, Drivy enabled car rental professionals to rent their vehicles on the platform. Two years later, in response to the increasing number of professional users on Drivy, the startup has decided to launch a tailor-made service to meet their needs and help them increase their business.

A dedicated team and a specific interface for the professional needs

Professional renters, automobile professionals (garages, dealers, body shops, artisans or traders) can now register their vehicles on a dedicated page. The registration form has been conceived in order for the professional users to create their business profile. Thanks to a mention saying “This owner is a professional”, the user will see if the owner is a professional, and choose if he wants to rent a car from an individual or a professional user.

In order to help the professional users register their vehicles online, a specific team has been created to help them throughout the whole process.

Drivy Open, the technology that enables users to open cars with their smartphone: a major innovation for professional users

Since December 2015 in Paris and March 2016 in Berlin, owners can equip their vehicles with Drivy Open. This technology enables drivers to open vehicles, enabling self-service rentals.

This secure system is a real game changer for the professional users: from now on they can rent their vehicles at a higher frequency and with a lot more flexibility. For instance, the professional users can now rent their vehicles simultaneously and without having to be on site.

Jean Marc Motta, manager of a car rental company, uses Drivy Open for one year. According to him "Drivy Open brings more freedom to the driver who can rent the car and give it back whenever he wants. The owner saves time during the delivery of the vehicle. This solution gives a real plus to the owner and to the driver."

A turnkey solution to launch a car rental business

Thanks to his turnkey solution,the professional users are given the opportunity to launch their own business and optimize their planning for free, without any engagement. By using Drivy, they take benefit of a web presence and reach a community of 850 000 users in Europe.

With Drivy, specific software (in particular the mobile app, which enables the professional users to manage their rentals with a smartphone), legal settings, and a dedicated insurance coverage are made available. Drivy takes 30% of every rental, half of which is returned to the insurance provider partner Allianz.

Today, 300 professional users are using Drivy. For example, Drivy just signed a partnership with CarGo, a network of car rental agencies who already have 32 agencies using the platform.

“We have decided to sign a partnership with Drivy, which enables our agencies to increase their online visibility while optimizing their rental planning at the same time. Easy to use and simple to handle, Drivy already seduced 32 agencies of the CarGo network”, Geoffroy de Saint Léger, CEO of CarGo.